Introduction to Wordpress

Introduction to WordPress

This tutorial provides an introduction to Wordpress and explains…
Converting website visitors into customers

How to turn web visitors into customers

This week I was at one of our local business forums presenting on creating blogs that turn visitors into customers. In my 10m 47s video I explain all the steps required to create a blog that converts website visitors into customers.
Is Email Marketing dead

Top Reasons Why People Aren’t Reading Your Emails

Everyday I get tens of emails from companies telling me why I should buy their products and services. Last week I registered a new domain name and within a couple of hours I was flooded with emails offering me with assistance with everything from web design to SEO. They might be genuine offers from great companies but I'm not going to read them because they're unsolicited. Aside from the unwanted emails, I get a lot of email from companies I do know but either I don't read them or don't take up their offers.
Email - Out of Office

Email – Out of Office

Learn how to set-up an automatic reply on your email. Platforms:…