Tell your own business stories with your smartphone. Learn how to think like a storyteller and filmmaker, and how to create engaging videos.

Do you want to tell your own business stories with your smartphone?

Book on to our popular DIY Video Filmmaking Workshop: “Tell Business Stories with Your Smartphone”

You’ll learn how to think like a storyteller and filmmaker, and how to create engaging videos with your smartphone.

Award winning movies have been made with smartphones. Why not your business video?

This an in-person half-day workshop (4 hrs), and is structured to cover the essentials of a well-told business video:

  • Using Stories in Business
  • Story Structure
  • Stages of Production
  • Camera Composition and Shot Types
  • Filming Best Practices
  • Editing and Post-Production
  • Equipment & Software Options

You’ll be doing the work. By the end of the session you’ll have a finished video that you’ve created from beginning to end.

Example of a video shot and edited on a smartphone

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between fiction-told stories and business stories
  • The Golden Thread
  • Three basic story structures with examples
  • How to plan any production, large or small
  • Basic camera composition
  • Types of shots you should be using
  • Smartphone best practices – a checklist to be remembered
  • Filming best practices – you’ll be doing some filming
  • The editing workflow
  • How to use a smartphone editing app
  • Editing what you’ve filmed
  • Recommended equipment to “professionalise” your shots
  • Recommended software to take your smartphone’s camera up a level
  • People to follow for if you want to go deeper

After the workshop, you can book a free 1 hour session with Robin as a follow up, so you can ask questions and get additional help and advice.

Filming your own video is now as affordable as pulling out your Smartphone.

But telling a good business story means thinking like a storyteller and a filmmaker.


The workshop will put you ahead of the hoards of well-meaning marketers who simply point and post. There’s no story, and no engagement.

This Workshop is for:

  • Beginner to Intermediate levels
  • Anyone in business who wants to learn storytelling and production skills, and filmmaking skills with their smartphones.

Tutor Profile:

Robin Kirkley has been creating video and written content in business for over 40 years. He’s worked for the most iconic advertising agencies, and with clients large and small in the UK, US, and Caribbean.

He is the Founder/Director of Vizeo Media – a full service video production company. Vizeo Media’s clients are local, regional, national, and international in scope. They include local micropreneurs; entrepreneurs; SMEs; government agencies; public bodies; and global conglomerates.

Robin has produced video content in a variety of sectors, including: Banking and Financial Services; Media and Journalism; Sustainability and Natural Capital; Waste Management; Hospitality; Travel; Information and Communication Technology (ICT); Government; Healthcare; Wellbeing; Built Environment; Trades; and Manufacturing.

Robin began teaching smartphone filmmaking in 2021, when he was invited into local companies to teach their marketing teams how to tell business stories with their smartphones. That developed into larger groups, with the most recent workshops being for 16 senior managers in the Tourism and Leisure departments of a local council, and as a featured speaker at a regional business Expo.

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